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Glittering Shards: October 2011

Glittering Shards

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have moved 'house'!

This blog has moved to a new home.

Please come to the housewarming party! There is a big giveaway happening to celebrate!

If you have been one of the many kind souls that has had a link from my site to yours, or from a specific blog post. I would be so very grateful if you could change the link to the new one.

If I can help to do this (by sending an up to date link to a post) please do let me know by emailing me at


Thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oh my....after months and months (and months)....this blog will finally be moving to my gorgeous brand new site in the next few days so watch this space (literally!)

In the meantime, look what Isabella has been doing! A work in progress...


Monday, October 10, 2011

Call yourself an artist?

Picture this. I am exhibiting at the weekend. My work is on display as part of the annual "Artsists Open House". The sun is pouring in, catching the edges of tiles and glass, making it gleam.

My daughter, Isabella, comes for a visit. After a while of hanging around, she takes a piece of paper and pencil and starts drawing.

Minutes later,  I see her confidently sticking her picture on a blank bit of wall by my art. I look and see her own pencil-line drawing of one of my mosaics, a picture of ‘mummy’ and the following words:

My name is Isabella. I am an artist and this is my mummy”.

Now that's confidence for you!

I know from my own experience and discussions with other creatives, that it is often hard to say the words  "I am an artist?" Why is this?

It is as if 'artist' is a status which we have to be given (by whom?) rather than an inner state of being which we develop (or not).

I am firmly of the opinion that art is everywhere, that life is art (think interiors, think food, think gardens, think use of space, body, clothes, words, finger nails,  think dancing and music...).

I know, I know....back to that old 'what is art' debate. But if art and creative expression is so fundamental to our humanity (which I believe it is), then to have that identity taken away from us, turned into a job tile and given over to the power of some bestowing institution or financial transaction, is like giving away a part of our soul. Or am I being a touch dramatic?

I am with Isabella.
Sit down and write
"I am an artist"

then stick it on your wall.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Little mosaic lovelies appearing in new Stampington mag!

This weekend has seen me doing the Wandsworth Artists Open House whilst the capital basked in this most bizarre but lovely 30 degree heat.


Lots of people came, 'oohed' and 'ahhed' at the gleaming glass art of Sally Dunnet combined with the shimmering mosaics of yours truly. It has been lovely meeting so many people who are always so happy to discover the artists 'hidden' in their midst! Same again next weekend so do come and say hello if you are around (we are number 61 on the map which can be downloaded here).
I'm still playing catch up after summer holidays and I have not had time to make more art. Mosaics being a slow art, I am discovering some things that I can make that don't take ages. One of these is mosaic stones as paperweights or mementos. I do love these little beauties that will be making an appearance... the new magazine by Stampington Press no less (who publish titles such as Artful Blogging).  A tutorial for my mosaic stones will be appearing in the January 2012 issue of Create With Me magazine - a stylish publication showcasing art by all ages and projects for adults to do with children. This time last year one of my mosaic projects with children was showcased in Disney's Family Fun magazine too.  I see a little trend appearing!

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