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Mosaic exhibition pictures galore!

Glittering Shards: Mosaic exhibition pictures galore!

Glittering Shards

Friday, September 02, 2011

Mosaic exhibition pictures galore!

On Wednesday we went to see the mosaic exhibition at Fishbourne Roman Palace. Here's some pictures. Photos never do mosaics justice and the lighting in the place wasn't brilliant so please excuse the quality.  Enjoy.

My little beloved with my new big piece, Beloved!

By Karla Duterloo

Sorry, didn't get the artists name. If anyone knows, please let me know!

By Alison Hepburn

By Melanie Watts

By Melanie Watts

By Debbie Howard

By Illesley

By Mo Lee

Sorry, didn't get the artist name, if anyone knows...

By Jean Kincoch - this was one of my favourites, love the flow of the dresses, so delicate!

Margaret Carney

Sorry, didn't get the artist name, if anyone knows...

By Nicky Tudor

By Nathalie Vin
By Joe Wilson (one of my students!)

Sorry, didn't get the name. If anyone knows...

By Janet Adeney

By Jane Thoniley-Walker

By Derek Harmsworth

By Kate Anderson

By Katy Galbraith

By Malcolm Skipp (who did the hard work of organising the exhibition - thank you Malcolm!)

By Malcolm Skipp

By Jane Santos

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  • oh. WOW. First, your two beloveds are beautiful!
    There are so many others here that caught my eye--the one by Illesley is so very different from other mosaics I have seen. And the little birdy by Malcolm, and those fishes done by one of your students, and that triptych with the red gray and gold (artist unknown)...They are all so amazing. Thanks for reminding me of what's possible.

    By Anonymous AG Ambroult, at 14 September 2011 at 15:59  

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