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Glittering Shards

Glittering Shards: September 2011

Glittering Shards

Monday, September 26, 2011

Origin contemporary craft...or is it art?!

Please excuse the silence on this blog. I do aim to post at least once a week, but sometimes life takes its own twists and turns, which it did last week with the sadness of a family bereavement.

On Saturday, I appreciated the opportunity for some space to just think and be, as I went browsing through Origin - the annual craft fair organised by the British Craft Council (finishes 28th Sept).

There were many beautiful mediums expressing art and craftmanship (for it truly straddled the two) with sleek, skillful forms, colour and variety. As is often the case, no mosaics, but I did notice much work based on repeated pattern and tessellation, touching on  the mosaic medium.  But still,  no mosaics. Its interesting to ponder why? There are of course way more silversmiths, potters and textile artists out there (partly as mosaic is not taught as a standard element of art degrees I guess). But are we mosaic artists just a shy bunch? It got me thinking.

Here are some works of note for you to cast your eyes upon.

 This piece, very much in the mosaic tradition, made of stone by Sylvain Deleu

 Loved this lady's work, using pins and thread. See more at Debbie Smyth's site

This is a book I saw that caught my eye - always looking for patterns and where better than nature to go to for inspiration!

Clare Knox-Bentham creates art with melted plastic. I always tell my students to 'go with the flow' but this takes it to another level...

 Ella Robinson's work really appeals to me as it uses driftwood and rubbish collected from the sea, including these bits of plastic. I have had an idea for ages to use nik nak's from my kids toy box as 'tessearae', and here we have another example of 'nearly mosaic art' doing just that. A lovely lady too...

The two pieces above are by another lovely lady called Esther Coombs who describes herself as an Upcylcer (love it!). The first image is one I have to do as I have rather a lot of broken ceramic in my studio ('do it, do it!' said Esther). And because allotmenteering is getting into my blood...  The second image is a tray with images etched on and ceramics embedded - again, a nice side spin of the mosaic world. Like it a lot. It transpired that we both have sheds converted into studio's - so we swapped insulation tips and talked smugly about how it takes us 30 seconds to get to work!
The above piece, entitled "A Woman's Work" is one of the Glass Cathedrals series by Lisa Swerling. Honestly, all her pieces left me grinning on the outside, and some on the inside. I have met Lisa before and every time, her work stands out, particularly how she uses humour and scale (small in big) to touch something very human in us. Please visit her website and be sure to click on each image so you get to see the scale of each piece.

Lastly, (sorry no pic), I loved the work of Guy Bird - the most beautiful ceramic sculptures of birds and my favourite was this one ...ehm, a little hint for hubby as Christmas is coming!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Must see...!

What an amazing treat. An invitation to the private view of the most delicious collection of mosaic sculpture here in London. I walked in the door and began ooohing and ahhing right away. The Piecemaker exhibition at the wonderful London Glass Blowing Centre (worth a visit in its own right) brought together the collection of Takako Shimizu's body of 3d mosaic work. You can feel when someone has made art that is their own. It was embued with a sense of play, skill, whimsy and experimentation. Love, love, love! It is on until 17th September so if you can, GO SEE! If you can't (or its too late), I hope my pictures below give you some inkling as to the wonder of this artists work.



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Monday, September 05, 2011

On autumn resolutions...

"It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants.... The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows we're making them. Autumnal resolutions don't require horns, confetti and champagne. September resolutions ask only that we open to positive change."
Sarah Ban Breathnach       


Friday, September 02, 2011

Mosaic exhibition pictures galore!

On Wednesday we went to see the mosaic exhibition at Fishbourne Roman Palace. Here's some pictures. Photos never do mosaics justice and the lighting in the place wasn't brilliant so please excuse the quality.  Enjoy.

My little beloved with my new big piece, Beloved!

By Karla Duterloo

Sorry, didn't get the artists name. If anyone knows, please let me know!

By Alison Hepburn

By Melanie Watts

By Melanie Watts

By Debbie Howard

By Illesley

By Mo Lee

Sorry, didn't get the artist name, if anyone knows...

By Jean Kincoch - this was one of my favourites, love the flow of the dresses, so delicate!

Margaret Carney

Sorry, didn't get the artist name, if anyone knows...

By Nicky Tudor

By Nathalie Vin
By Joe Wilson (one of my students!)

Sorry, didn't get the name. If anyone knows...

By Janet Adeney

By Jane Thoniley-Walker

By Derek Harmsworth

By Kate Anderson

By Katy Galbraith

By Malcolm Skipp (who did the hard work of organising the exhibition - thank you Malcolm!)

By Malcolm Skipp

By Jane Santos

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