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Must see...!

Glittering Shards: Must see...!

Glittering Shards

Monday, September 12, 2011

Must see...!

What an amazing treat. An invitation to the private view of the most delicious collection of mosaic sculpture here in London. I walked in the door and began ooohing and ahhing right away. The Piecemaker exhibition at the wonderful London Glass Blowing Centre (worth a visit in its own right) brought together the collection of Takako Shimizu's body of 3d mosaic work. You can feel when someone has made art that is their own. It was embued with a sense of play, skill, whimsy and experimentation. Love, love, love! It is on until 17th September so if you can, GO SEE! If you can't (or its too late), I hope my pictures below give you some inkling as to the wonder of this artists work.



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