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Organising your mosaic studio - part 1

Glittering Shards: Organising your mosaic studio - part 1

Glittering Shards

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organising your mosaic studio - part 1

Its small, sweet and perfectly formed. 

Its at the bottom of my garden, so a short amble to work every day.

It comes complete with 3 cats who have made it their own (and plod over my work in the process!)

It fits 5 students plus me, quite happily (and cosily)...

...and my little ones do so love sitting in there with mummy to make things.

But my quest to make the most of small spaces continues. So yesterday I rolled up my sleeves, armed myself with the radio, some chocolate treats and a pot of herbal tea and began putting into action some ideas for 'small mosaic studio organisation'.
Here's hoping I get to finish soon (a bit of a challenge in my life). If you have a small studio or need to turn a small corner of your home into a mosaic area, come back soon for part 2!

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