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Have I introduced you to....

Glittering Shards: Have I introduced you to....

Glittering Shards

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have I introduced you to....

    ...Chloe, our new cat?

She was given to us by one of my lovely mosaic students because their family could not keep her. And what a character she is.

Utterly royal in her composure, I think she has finally accepted that she is in an house that values equality...and is making friends with our two dear rescue kittens!

Here she is sleeping with Isabella, as she does every evening....

...with me in my studio.

And yesterday, oh my...she followed Isabella all the way to school (a 10 minute walk!) and despite being returned home, she went back 4 times and decided to sit in the Art Room of all places (my kind of cat).  By the end of the day, half the school knew her name! A character indeed, and a most welcome addition to our family ;)

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