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Looking forward to some tee hee hee's

Glittering Shards: Looking forward to some tee hee hee's

Glittering Shards

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking forward to some tee hee hee's

My beloved and I try out different ways of doing Christmas presents to each other and about 5 years ago we bought a years worth of experiences for each other to fit categories we'd chosen: "funny", "creative", "inspiring" etc... I wrote about it in one of my early blog posts here.

Well, its true that good things come to those who wait. One of Neil's promises was to take me to see Glaswegian funny man, Billy Connolly. I'm not sure what happened but with one thing and another (aka a child or two) we never quite made it for my promised evening of belly laughs. Then, aha! The seats are suddenly booked and we will be occupying them (second row, no less) tomorrow evening at the Hammersmith Apollo. Wee hee! If you have never heard of Billy Connolly, he is tall, 67 years old, with a broad Scottish accent, a mass of curly hair, a raw sense of what is right, just and human and a mouth full of funny (and at times rather rude) words. I particularly admire him for writing openly in his biography about being a survivor of child abuse. To quote "Your duty is to leave the world less beige than you found it".



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