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Glittering Shards: Milestones

Glittering Shards

Monday, January 04, 2010


It's back! My mosaic coffee table (incidentally the first mosaic I ever made, about 9 years ago) has been returned to its place in the living room after a 3 year absence. The table was made with leftover tiles, to a geometric Islamic design and the legs are plant hangers turned upside down and painted gold!

It was taken down when a certain little one started toddling, on account of the potential for bumping into the corners with delicate little head and wobbling little body of an excited little human who had just discovered she could use those legs to take herself places. We take it so for granted now - the toddling turned into walking and then running - oh and we have added skipping and hopping recently. Then closely followed by her little brother who was born only a couple of months after she took her first steps (oh boy!).

I guess the risk of a bump or two is still there but they both seem to have a good degree of control over their little bodies now, so we restored the table to its rightful place and pondered that another milestone in this parenting journey has been crossed. You know, that feeling when you realise a phase of their lovely lives is now in the past and will soon be just a memory. Milestones such as taking down the stairgates, or moving into a big bed, or saying bye bye to the dummy, or (joy of joys), no more nappies (we still have that one to cross with our littlest). Or when you realise that you don't hang out in certain baby shops or sections of the chemist any more. Know that feeling?

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  • Concetta-
    OH MY!! I totally know that feeling. I have been thinking about this myself lately. My baby will be 2.5 next month. No more diaper pail for us, still in the crib but just really out of the baby stage now. It is great and sad at the exact same time. It is weird because it really just dawned on me that that is where we are now.

    Your table is great! I am glad you are able to enjoy it once again.

    And can you please tell what a dummy and a nappie are?


    By Blogger Dana Barbieri, at 6 January 2010 at 17:41  

  • Ha ha! Transatlantic translation required! A dummy is a soother (binky?) and a nappy is a diaper! You have done well with getting your littlest out of diapers already. Ours is 2 y 8 months and we gave it a go last week, but he's just not that interested yet. Yes, it is such a mixed feeling when they move on, but I realised early on that every stage was going to be like that and its all about letting go. Happy happy and sob sob all at the same time...

    By Blogger Concetta, at 6 January 2010 at 19:30  

  • This table is stunning, Concetta! And to think it was your first mosaic! You must have a natural flair for this kind of work! It's truly remarkable!

    And yes, these stages in life, can be both happy and a little wistful! :)

    By Anonymous Kate England | Marmalade Moon, at 7 January 2010 at 00:40  

  • I like milestones (and the table by the way!) as they remind me of achievements, although sometimes also, how quickly time is passing by!


    By Blogger Amelia, at 8 January 2010 at 20:28  

  • Thanks for the table compliments :) I am enjoying putting my feet on it in the evenings as I browse the net and answer emails!

    By Blogger Concetta, at 10 January 2010 at 21:25  

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