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Winter wonderland in South London!

Glittering Shards: Winter wonderland in South London!

Glittering Shards

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter wonderland in South London!

Snow is coming to South London tonight - the first time in decades that we have had snow in November. Just in time for the first day of my mosaic exhibition!  I am ever so slightly excited about this as it will just soooo complement the feeling in the gallery. Yesterday, me and 3 wonderful creative friends worked all day to get the gallery ready - and it is beautifully glittery, perfectly wintry and positively Christmassy! Here's us in process (you'll have to wait a bit for pics of the finished product!):

Roll on Tues 30th November 10am!  (I will be there - Sprout Community Arts, Moyser Road, SW16 6SJ - Tues to Sat, 10am - 5pm until 11th December). I should really be going to bed but decided I needed to make some real focaccia to feed myself as I invigilate and am waiting for it to rise! Using this recipe here (scroll down for English version). 

In the meantime, ordinary life goes on (thank God!). Here's a pic of the kiddies making paper chains for the first time EVER today and were truly full of glee and this new found craft.

They did it so well, so easily and kept saying "Look mummy, its getting longer, its getting longer". They just did not want to stop.  I remember being just the same as a child, enthralled by making paper chains (genetic or are all kids like this???) After a quick photo, (daddy looking a bit like Jacob Marley me thinks!) the first paper chain was hung in the hallway...

As an aside, a few blog posts ago I mentioned about childhood smells that evoke happy memories of making and crafting? Well, the picture below says it all for me. Pritt evocative. Love sniffing the stuff!

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