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What pulls you?

Glittering Shards: What pulls you?

Glittering Shards

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What pulls you?

aOne of my pieces for the art fair this weekend has sold! This is very wonderful but I have to get my skates on and keep making as I am now one piece down and want to make sure I have enough beauties to sell (here's hoping!).

Sister Sun

What really interested me about selling Sister Sun was that my friend saw it and instantly fell in love with it. She has seen my stuff before but said it was the first piece that really pulled at her. Her reaction on seeing the piece was so fast and from the gut that it really fascinated me - how people can have such a wide range of reactions,from dislike to disinterest to mild like to an instant pull, all towards the same piece. I have had this before with my work, famously a dear friend who fell in love with my Owl (you can see this on my website) and said he had never wanted to own a piece of art before but something about it really touched him. Owl wasn't for sale and my friend went as far as to write a poem about wanting Owl which he posted in the visitors book on my web site and still sits there for posterity!

I suppose our wildly differing response to art is no surprise as we are all different but it does remind me, as a maker, not to get too hung up on how people respond and to keep making stuff that I like and that challenges me to grow and develop.

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