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Still in bed

Glittering Shards: Still in bed

Glittering Shards

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still in bed

I thought this morning would have me bouncing up out of bed and off to the British Mosaic Forum day. But, oh no, the shivers and aches have given way to a bounding headache that kept me awake half the night and has only just faded with a couple of tabs of the strong stuff. Ho hum.

I have managed to sort through lots of my digital photos whilst lolling in bed and I discovered some lovely pics of our dear cat, Millie. In honour of her (she died a year ago) and because its halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to post them here today. The mosaic was a doorsign I made for my brother and sister-in-law. Mmm, the pictures need captions - ideas?

 "Err, excuse me, I am trying to sleep here!"

"Huh, you think that's a good likeness do you?" 



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