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Our Father's Day gift tradition (& our new venture!)

Glittering Shards: Our Father's Day gift tradition (& our new venture!)

Glittering Shards

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Father's Day gift tradition (& our new venture!)

It was a whim of an idea three years ago that is now a solid tradition.  Just before Father's Day, the kids draw a picture of daddy then I transfer them to a t-shirt.
Daddy t-shirt 2011 (kids aged 5 and 4)
Yesterday we unveiled Daddy t-shirt Number 3 and he just loves it - its turning into quite a record of their drawing skills too! I do chuckle to myself when I think of bribing them as 21 year olds to do 'the picture'!
Daddy t-shirt 2009 (kids ages 3 and 2)
Daddy t-shirt 2010 (kids aged 4 and 3)
Our Father's Day was spent with friends at the wonderful Wisley Gardens (we recently joined and are slowly discovering this huge horticultural and natural dream of a place). The visit was perfect for the fact that we stumbled on their model of allotments (is that word just a British word? Common land that is divided into plots so that people can grow their own food). In the last few weeks, our world has been taking over by seeds, plants, digging tools and earth filled finger nails as we are now the proud occupants of a huge plot of land! We are taking on this venture with good friends and are slowly clearing this neglected piece of planet earth of its brambles and cultivating it with fruit and veg. Love it love it love it! No other activity ticks so many boxes at once...exercise, contact with nature, calm, well-being, good stewardship, learning, beauty, yummy food, thrift. The list goes on...
Our first week at the allotment and Isabella discovers a heart shaped pebble
Here's pics of us digging in week 1. Since then we have planted a 7 x 5 m veg patch! The battle of veg v weeds has begun!

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