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Arty party party party!

Glittering Shards: Arty party party party!

Glittering Shards

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Arty party party party!

We came, we gathered, we made...
Sally Dunnett from Smart Glass UK teaching us how to make beautiful fused glass creations...
My glass creation (several layer of stacked glass, including gorgeous dichroic) ready to go in the kiln
A few more creations prior to fusing...
Next, in the pub, making jewelry under the tuition of the lovely Louise from Lou Lou Workshop
...and gorgeous vintage fabric brooches taught to us by the wonderful Gillian from Fabric Nation
Claire having fun with needle and thread!

 ...we laughed, we ate, we drank
Lucy showing off her charm bracelet

...we celebrated,  and lastly, we danced!

What better 40th bash could a girl want?
Some of the arty party gang who made in into the picture!
And me...happy at being surrounded by such wonderful girlfriends and of course blokey mates who came in the evening (and those that danced into the night!). I am left  grinning at how many of them said it was the best day they had had in ages...cos they had not used their hands to create for way too long. "Wow...I can't believe I made this" and "Please can you have 40th birthday parties all the time?" being two favourite quotes. I have been wearing my brooch and bracelet all day and am looking forward to seeing my glass creation once it has cooked in the kiln!

Thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable launch into my next decade - I started as I mean to go on, with friendship and creativity at the heart.

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