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Nativity Week Two

Glittering Shards: Nativity Week Two

Glittering Shards

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nativity Week Two

It's been a good but tiring week as have been battling a chest infection. I had my second attempt at doing the Christmas Art Fairs on Friday. Looking back on these two experiences, I am still mulling over if  'Fairs' is one of the places where I will  put my work out to the world. From a selling point of view, they were not very satisfying. However, evaluating from a criteria of getting great feedback on my work, meeting people and promoting what I do they were both worth the effort. I was a bit glum after Friday evening, but I have since reflected that this year has always been about me exploring what I want to do and where I want to place myself. All these experiences are like little pilots to see what I like, what works and where I want to go with my creativity. It is such a vastly different world to social / training work in terms of how you engage your efforts with the wider world...I think it will take me a while to find my feet and my 'modus operandi'.

Anyway, to more simple stuff...! We have been doing "Mary's Walk" every evening before bedtime and tonight we added more to our nativity scene. Enter Joseph, some trees, moss and pine cones. The kids are loving this simple ritual (and so am I!). It is so easy to connect with it - the path getting shorter, the sky more twinkly, the act of moving the figures and then sticking the stars in the sky is so engaging for little ones.  Neil and I did have fits of uncontrollable giggles however, as we tried to sing the song (from the book where the idea came from). Neither of us can sight read music and the result was...interesting! So, now we just make it up every night - the kids don't seem to mind!

I did another mosaic activity at the Christmas Fair on Friday and this was really popular. I will post it this week as its a good one for making Christmas presents!

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