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Glittering Shards

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Inspired by another mummy blog (I think it was Chasing Cheerios?) I recently decided to make my two bunnies a special, personalised drawing table out of their IKEA one (my attempt at cartoon portraits!). They both love to draw (especially little Toby). They spend ages at the drawing table. Toby will draw countless versions of his beloved Mr Men, narrating what he is drawing as he goes along...'head, eyes, mouth, hands, feet, hat'... creating drawings that to me seem amazing for a child only recently passed his second birthday (I put it down to his love of the Mr Men whom he sits pouring over and memorising). Hence his ability to draw daddy for the t-shirt in the previous post.

I think its great for them to have their dedicated drawing space and I have brought them an artist drawing pad each, where all their wonderful creations remain safely together and make a lovely developmental keepsake too. We have also tried the family drawing time suggested in Soule Mama's website - good fun. We laid out the table with loads of lining paper and put out crayons and pens and then took turns to say what everyone had to draw. It got a bit predictable with Toby who, you guessed it, stipulated a Mr Men at each turn!

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