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Back and raring to go

Glittering Shards: Back and raring to go

Glittering Shards

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back and raring to go

Having maintained radio silence on this blog for some time (hey, I made two babies in two years - that's pretty good creative effort!), I am back and raring to go.

My web site ( is where I have concentrated my efforts, and that has a wonderful amount of visitors, who I am now signposting to this blog if they should be so kind as to want to read my musings on my creative life - creating with mosaics, creativity and making with young children and creativity in community - which will be the main threads of my postings.

I have so many posts brewing in my head, and once I start (next week) they may come thick and fast! I am so looking forward to using this space for reflection and for teasing out of myself some of the thoughts and insights that would remain buried without this practice of reflective writing.

In the meantime, let me fill you in on the last 3 years. It is only since April 09 that I feel I have risen out of the exhausting fog of parenting two beautiful children born just 15 months apart. My energy for creating is well and truly back. The last 3 years has been the the most amazing (if most exhausting) period of my life that has seen us blessed with two gorgeous little people - indescribably delicious in their unique personalities. Our home if full of the noise of giggles, make-believe, foot stomping, tears and enthusiastic whooping at the prospect of each new experience. More to come. Here's a picture of my two most beautiful creations...see you very soon!



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