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A weekend of making

Glittering Shards: A weekend of making

Glittering Shards

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A weekend of making

The Greenbelt festival...


 - made my first ever print at the Greenhaus Art School (a venue at the festival)...using 'Intaglio' and 'Drypoint' (gosh that sounds clever), with a sheet of acrylic and special etching tools. Loved the process (and the smell of the ink) and love the outcome. Having done this, I now get that there is something special about printmaking and am wondering if I can make some sort of prints at home using my pasta maker!

- Isabella and Toby made lots of painted cardboard ducks and fish with googly eyes, flowers (also with googly eyes - heck why not?!) as part of the fun stuff for families to do together.

- we all made 'music' on Holly Yoon's Water Piano.Isabella kept saying "Water piano again mummy...water piano, water piano" (I think she liked it).

- we made beans, sausages and fried eggs for about 20 of us camping together. Loved hanging out with friends around the camp stove but I have to confess, I found myself saying repeatedly, "Why am I doing this to myself?" over the weekend as we faced cold wind, rain and freezing night time temperatures. Mmmm...I think I am a camper van rather than tent kind of girl. We will have to start saving up...

Hope your weekend was good.

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  • ooh lovely print - you know me anything with trees and swirls gets me EVERY TIME - hope you have it hanging somewhere prominent. I love printmaking too - just need a little more room! Glad you had a good weekend. I had a busy one running event on Sat and then a street fair on Sun! My Monday yoga and relax was soooo deserved. Xx

    By Blogger Louise Gale, at 1 September 2010 at 00:20  

  • It turned out beautiful! I think you can make make prints with a pasta maker. Happy Wednesday to you.

    By Blogger Jenny Lee Wentworth, at 2 September 2010 at 00:59  

  • Have you tried it Jenny?? Would love to know! Thanks Louise, I am going to frame it! x

    By Blogger Concetta, at 2 September 2010 at 10:39  

  • I hear you on the camper van. But it sounds like you had fun anyway. We camp every year the first weekend in December (in Florida) with about 300 people. Last year it poured, all day, all night. For the second night, our tent and sleeping bags were still soaking wet. At 9:00 p.m. we packed up everything and went home.

    By Blogger Suzanne, at 2 September 2010 at 19:52  

  • print and pasta-maker?! Sounds fun, but yes, I figured a few years back that camping had to be a yurt or caravan . . . apparently this is glamping!

    Looking forward to catching up for some creative times :)


    By Blogger Amelia, at 2 September 2010 at 22:13  

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