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Cyber hassles

Glittering Shards: Cyber hassles

Glittering Shards

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cyber hassles

It's been a while....(I wonder how many blog entries around the world start off with that phrase?!)
I have been concentrating my web efforts on updating my web site...take a peek...
Then - our computer goes and dies for the second time in one year. I am told it is bad luck and that hard drives ( including the second internal drive we had put in as a back up after our drive died last year) can both die, just like that, despite being only one year old. After our first hard drive disaster last summer, I have been meticulously security patching and virus-firewall updating. But still it happens.
Apparently it could take so long for a techie to work out if there is another fundamental problem that has caused this to happen twice in one year (dodgy motherboard, overheating, bla bla...) that by the time you've paid out for that, you may as well have brought a new computer - which is what we ended up doing.
So, after 3 weeks of computerless-ness, we are now connected to cyber world again. Fortunately this time, unlike last summer, we didn't lose all our data and have to re-load all our software.
Having been though this twice...
1. Life does not stop when your computer dies (honest!).
2. Back up, back up back up.



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